Yes! This is the product that Teri Hatcher raved about!!

 The one and only Original

      If you wish to alleviate and prevent , stress incontinence, urge incontinence (overactive bladder-frequency), pelvic pain, bladder prolapse (cystocele), uterine prolapse, rectocele, or sexual dysfunction or if you simply want to achieve the maximum benefits from "kegel exercises", we offer you a genuine breakthrough solution.      

     The patented Kegelmaster™, the world's first and only true progressive resistance vaginal exerciser, with 15 adjustable strength settings, has been tested and recommended by leading luminaries in the field of female incontinence. The nationally syndicated, award winning "Bob & Tom Show", without our paying for a single advertisement, has talked about the Kegelmaster™ for over a year because of its ability to stop female incontinence, and for the sexual benefits. It was referred to as "rather miraculous" in the "The Doc is In" Sexual Advice column in Underwire Magazine. 

In a product comparison conducted in the January, 2003 issue of Marie Claire Magazine (reprinted in the Discussion Forum) the Kegelmaster™ tested #1.

If you suffer from incontinence, 
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Regain your active lifestyle


     Kegelmaster™ WorldWide, is the premier distributor for this groundbreaking device, which has no equal.   
We ship the same or the following business day, and include with your Kegelmaster™:


   FREE 2nd Device to help Jump Start your way to health 
   FREE instructional video (DVD)
   FREE full color instructional brochure
   FREE customer support, 888-Kegelmaster (

Your FREE Second Device, which assists and  help women, (even those with the most stretched/damaged PC (pubococcygeus or "kegel") muscle), to "jump-start the process" and identify and exercise the proper muscle from the very beginning! (More details in the Discussion Forum). It would be hard to overstate the role of  "muscle isolation" in regard to one's ultimate success or failure with "kegels". 
Using the Kegelmaster™ in conjunction with this 'device' makes using the Kegelmaster extremely easy.

KegelMaster™ WorldWide  
dial U.S. Access Code

504-3315 or
Toll Free: 1-888-Kegelmaster
9:00am-8:00pm Eastern time

   The one and only TRUE Kegelmaster (now in Blue)

Learn even more from users of the Kegelmaster. Read as many messages as possible to reinforce our message: The genuine Kegelmaster, in the shortest period of time, will strengthen your PC muscle, and will have a positive impact on your health and well-being - both immediately and in the long-run.
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The one and only TRUE Kegelmaster

The generic "Kegel Exerciser" is a poor imitation of our patented product, not possibly being able to work as well.  
More details about this and other competitive devices in the Discussion Forum.  Our device is made in the USA by the original manufacturer and not a knockoff.

Beware of cheap, ineffective, fraudulent imitations! If it does not have 15 strength settings and does not have a completely adjustable knob, it is not a genuine Kegelmaster.  There is no technique or competitive product at any price that compares to the genuine Kegelmaster. There are other products such as vaginal weights and cones that are tedious to use, and there are conventional "kegel exercises", likewise tedious, but there is nothing to rival the Kegelmaster and slowly but surely the world is finding out!


    Although the KegelMaster™ was invented to stop and prevent female incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, etc., the sexual benefits turn out to be a wonderful bonus! 
We appreciate the favorable articles that are appearing in magazines such as
Marie Claire™, and Globe™ .

First Magazine (Nov. 11, 2002)
Click Here to read the entire article.

Ready to feel more intense pleasure than you’ve ever imagined? This one simple flex will transform your sex life.

Here, the story of Rachel, 32, married six years, who swears by it.

Sex? Oh, it’s fine (most of the time).

 That’s what Rachel, like a lot of women, used to say before she discovered a tiny exer­cise that changed everything. “I always felt very confident in my ability to please my husband. But when it came to my own body, pleasure was a mystery. Sometimes—if we were too tired to give it the extra effort—I wouldn’t climax at all.

“Two months after I started the Kegel exercises,
I began having

So when a friend told her that these pubococcygeus (PC) flexes, called Kegel exercises (which involve nothing more than squeezing that hold back urine), could make sex absolutely amazing, Rachel hit the Internet, eager to learn more. “I found out how easy it is to strengthen my muscles on my own,” she says. “And just for fun, I also bought the Kegelmaster 2000 (www It’s like a Stair-Master for your PC muscles.” After only three weeks, Rachel noticed a huge improvement in her orgasms: “They felt a lot better, and I had them more often.”

A bigger big 0

But the best was yet to come (literally!): “Just two months after I started the Kegel exercises, I began having these really intense all-body orgasms that were triggered by his thrusts,” she reports. “With this new kind of orgasm, there’s a pleasurable pressure that starts building, and as it increases, I feel like I can’t keep going because it’s too intense. But once I give in to that overwhelming feeling and continue, that’s when I have these amazing, well, body spasms—and it just feels good beyond words.”


This is the product that Teri Hatcher
raved about!!!


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(941) 504-3315 or
Toll Free: 1-888-Kegelmaster


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