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Ready to feel more intense pleasure than you’ve ever imagined? This one simple flex will transform your sex life.

Here, the story of Rachel, 32, married six years, who swears by it.

Sex? Oh, it’s fine (most of the time).

 That’s what Rachel, like a lot of women, used to say before she discovered a tiny exer­cise that changed everything. “I always felt very confident in my ability to please my husband. But when it came to my own body, pleasure was a mystery. Sometimes—if we were too tired to give it the extra effort—I wouldn’t climax at all.”

So when a friend told her that these pubococcygeus (PC) flexes, called Kegel exercises (which involve nothing more than squeezing that hold back urine), could make sex absolutely amazing, Rachel hit the Internet, eager to learn more. “I found out how easy it is to strengthen my muscles on my own,” she says. “And just for fun, I also bought the Kegelmaster 2000 ($98

.95 at It’s like a Stair-Master for your PC muscles.” After only three weeks, Rachel noticed a huge improvement in her orgasms: “They felt a lot better, and I had them more often.”

A bigger big 0

But the best was yet to come (literally!): “Just two months after I started the Kegel exercises, I began having these really intense all-body orgasms that were triggered by his thrusts,” she reports. “With this new kind of orgasm, there’s a pleasurable pressure that starts building, and as it increases, I feel like I can’t keep going because it’s too intense. But once I give in to that overwhelming feeling and continue, that’s when I have these amazing, well, body spasms—and it just feels good beyond words.”



Female ejacu—what?

These all-body orgasms were about to get even more intense. “I was a little freaked out when I had my first ejaculatory orgasm,”   Rachel admits. “At first, I thought I was peeing during sex, but I was wrong. I was actually producing this clear fluid after having very intense waves of multiple climaxes.”

“Two months after I started the Kegel exercises. I began having intense all-body orgasms.

And recent research confirms Rachel’s experience. “About 10 percent of women ejaculate when they have orgasms~” explains Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., co­author of The G Spot (1983). “For many years~ women actually thought something was wrong with them when they ejaculated,” Whipple says. “Doctors would even do surgery to stop incontinence. Now we know that this fluid isn’t urine. We’ve also discovered that women who ejac­ulate enjoy the sensation. This is just another fun, healthy, normal part of having sex.”

Rachel’s husband, Dan, who loves the new wet-and-wild experience, would agree. And Rachel observes that tapping into her buried treasure of pleasure has had pay­offs for their relationship. “Now that I’m having these orgasms regularly, our emotional connection has become stronger, more meaningful and more complete.”

Kegel yourself deliriously happy

Intensify your orgasms— 
and improve your 
below-the-belt health
with this one little move

Next time you’re In the ladies’ room, squeeze the muscles that stop the flow of urine. There! You’ve just done a Kegel, a flex of the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles that supportively crisscross underneath your reproductive organs. To strengthen the muscle group (and reap the benefits listed here), simply squeeze your PC muscles fore count of three; then relax for three, recommends Lonnie Garfield Barbach, Ph.D., author of Far Each Other Sharing Sexual Intimacy (Signet, 2001)
Start by doing 10 three-second squeezes two or three times a day. Practice while you’re waiting at red lights, folding laundry or at a boring lunch with your mother-in-law (she’ll never guess why you’re smiling About a week after doing the exercises, you’ll start reaping these benefits: the muscles

Start with 10
three-second squeezes
twice a day.

Healthier reproductive organs

“Strong PC muscles lead to increased blood flow to the entire pelvic region,” explains Howard Glazer, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of psychology at Cornell University Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital and coauthor of  The Vulvadynia Survival  Guide (New Harbinger Publications, 2002). “And more blood flow means that tissues are getting  the nutrients they need to renew themselves and to ward off problems, such as menstrual cramps and pregnancy complications.”

 Intense all-body orgasms

There are two different kinds of female climaxes: the clitoral and the G-spot, and strong PC muscles play a major role in both types A clitoral ride your own pleasure wave. climax involves stimulation of the small pea-like structure just above the labia. “Most women will reach orgasm easily this way with manual or oral stimulation,” Glazer says.
Meanwhile, G-spot orgasms are still up for debate. Recent studies   have shown that the  “spot,” which is located about an inch and a half inside the belly-side wall of the vagina, might actually be an extension o internal clitoral tissue. In any case, “when this area  is stimulated during intercourse or even with fingers, women report that the ensuing orgasms are deep, internal, full-body sensations,” Glazer adds. And the key to bringing on your own biggie? Flex those strengthened PC muscles as he thrusts to bring your G-spot into contact with his penis and ride your own pleasure wave


The secret to being a more powerful lover

Sure, you’re good in bed, but could you be even better? Yes, says Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., just by strength­ening the PC muscles that shore up the penis. “When you have strong PC muscles, you can better control the angle of your erection as you thrust, which makes you more likely to stimulate her G-spot and bring her to orgasm through intercourse alone,” she explains. “You can also increase your stamina and intensify your own orgasmic pleasure by strengthening your PC muscles.”


Ready to pump your iron? It’s easy:
First identify your PC muscles by stopping the flow of urine next time you’re peeing. Once you know where they are, try to work in 10 three-second squeezes when­ever you have a sexual thought. After a week or so of flex time, you’re ready for advanced practice:
the penis push-up. Next time you have an erection, grab a tissue, drape it over your member and slowly lift it up and down 10 times (hold for a full second for each rep). As you build strength, add some weight to your workout by trying the same exercise with a wash cloth, then a wet wash cloth, a towel and finally a wet towel.



Next time she’s on top or when you’re in the missionary position, flex those PC muscles as you thrust. You’ll feel your penis flex up toward your belly; she’ll feel your penis make contact with the belly-side wall of her vagina, exactly where her all-body orgasm trigger (the G-spot) is hiding. Bonus points: Try squeezing this muscle when you’re close to orgasm to stave off your climax and increase your—and her— ultimate payoff.


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