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The patented Kegelmaster2000 is the vaginal exercise device designed to help women isolate their pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them through a series of resistance exercises based on the principles of isometrics. This patented, breakthrough product is the first of its type and has already remedied incontinence for thousands of women around the world.

The wonderfully elastic muscles of the vagina lend themselves perfectly to isometric resistance exercises that are precisely and effectively accomplished with Kegelmaster. Whenever possible, letting the body heal itself is being recognized as the preferred alternative to surgery and prescription drugs (and their possible unpleasant side effects). Kegelmaster provides women of all ages with resolution to the annoyance and embarrassment of incontinence through a natural, non-surgical method.

Long and short term, the Kegelmaster provides the most safe, easy, affordable and effective relief from incontinence than any other method known today. In as little as one to two weeks, women are getting the results they need and regaining their personal freedom from incontinence.

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Yes, it's true! You'll SAVE money every day by using your Kegelmaster. No more purchases of absorbent pads, adult diapers or expensive prescriptions! Did you know that the average American who is troubled with urinary incontinence spends an average of $2,000 - $3,000 each year for those products - a $14 billion dollar a year industry!!!

Can you imagine what you might do with the money you will save? The results are profound - Incontinence Solved, Sex and Overall Health Improved! And you have absolutely nothing to lose! Your Kegelmaster must exceed your expectations or you may return it anytime within 90 days for a full refund - Our Money-Back Guarantee To You!

Don't put your life on hold waiting for a medical miracle to cure your incontinence! In as little as 10 minutes of exercising every other day with your Kegelmaster, you can change your life...

These women did:

Success in Kentucky

I was walking along the path of mid-life, things going pretty smoothly and wham! I began leaking. Actually, I began leaking after the birth of our third child by late forties, forget it, I couldn't go out of the house without wearing protection. It got to the point I knew I had to seek medical help so my family doctor sent me to a specialist. Two urologists said I needed surgery for stress incontinence. My mother has had three surgeries for her urge incontinence and none of them lasted.

I was determined not to have it done. I started urodynamics and found I have a 1-degree cystocele and 1-degree uterine prolapse. Then I found the Kegelmaster and by my next uro-visit, the doctor found my vaginal muscle tone good and my lining normal. This was having used the device less than two months. I am no longer worried I'll have to have surgery and my urologist wants me to continue using the Kegelmaster.

When I told Mom about it, she wanted to try it and it's giving her faster results than I am achieving! She used to get up four - five times in the night; now she's down to one. This device makes so much sense; it does exactly what the vaginal muscles need to seal the urethra shut. My life has literally changed since I began using it in December 1999. I can't say THANK YOU enough. Bless you, for what you are doing for women and their families.

S.W. - Kentucky

Success in Wisconsin

I'm a late sixties mother of five children and for the past 10 years or so I've had progressively increasing incontinence. It got to the point where I wouldn't leave the house without wearing a pad, especially when I played tennis. A friend recommended that I try the Kegelmaster and after about three weeks of using it, my problem is over. I use it before bed for 5 or 10 minutes about three times a week and now I can play tennis and even sneeze with no fear of accidents. I can say the Kegelmaster has really been a miracle device for me.

L.N. - Wisconsin

Success in California

I'm almost 50 years old. A year ago my doctor told me to start doing Kegel exercises because I have an incontinence problem. I tried doing Kegel exercises, but I didn't remember to do them enough times to do any good, so my daughter told me about the Kegelmaster. I tried it. With this I could plan my exercise routine. I use it about twice a week for about 10 minutes each time. I noticed a difference using it for only three weeks. I've now been using it for about three months and I haven't had any more problems with incontinence. One other thing I was pleasantly surprised about. Sex was becoming painful at times. Not anymore. My sex life has improved. The quality is much better. You might say that I'm a very satisfied customer!

G.F. - California

"Kegelmaster Can Help Women At Any Age"

For women of any age - any generation, it's never too late to isolate and strengthen the pelvic floor. Squeezing the Kegelmaster is not strenuous. It does not require the kind of exhaustive, highly energetic exercising needed to strengthen the larger muscle groups of the body. The pelvic floor involves a sheet-like muscle which responds quickly to the relatively gentle resistance exercising the Kegelmaster provides.

Being young and strong is not a prerequisite to using the Kegelmaster - it's for all women. Younger or older, stronger or weaker, active or sedentary - the Kegelmaster can make life better because it isolates and allows the easy exercise of a critical muscle that can have a profound effect on comfort and lifestyle.

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