How It Works
The Kegelmaster is naturally shaped for easy and comfortable use by every woman and is made from the highest quality plastic and stainless steel for safe and hygienic use and easy cleaning.

Once you have lubricated the Kegelmaster, it's easily inserted into the vagina approximately 3 inches, and comfortably positioned inside. Then you slowly release and allow the Kegelmaster to open inside the vagina. There is a slight feeling of pressure as the concaved sides of the Kegelmaster gently cradle the PC muscle.

The position is natural, easy, and comfortable. There is no exertion or discomfort - only the slightest sensation of pressure on the muscle as if pressing the palms of your hand firmly against either side of your face. Then you begin contracting the PC (also known as the Kegel) muscle around the device. In effect, by squeezing the muscle, you are closing the Kegelmaster and will hear a very audible "click" that tells you that you isolated and contracted the muscle correctly. Then you release the muscle. You repeat this approximately 30 times each time you use the device. It only takes about 5-8 minutes. Well, okay 10 minutes tops if you count cleaning time too!

The natural response to the slight pressure the Kegelmaster puts against the muscle causes the "resistance" part of the exercise that strengthens the muscle. By isolating the muscle in this manner, you can concentrate on moving only that muscle to compress the Kegelmaster to its closed position. This is where the springs come into play.

The Kegelmaster comes equipped with four stainless steel springs. It's recommended that when you use your Kegelmaster for the first time, that you unscrew the nut and remove it from the bolt and open the Kegelmaster to reveal all four springs. Then remove all but the one spring closest to the hinged top of the device. Then close the top, and refasten the nut to the bolt.The progressive aspect of exercising the PC (Kegel) muscle with Kegelmaster is based on the fact that you use the springs in various combinations, which provide 14 progressively more difficult exercise levels. The various combinations increase the resistance your muscle has to exert to contract around the device and close it.

Most everyone is familiar with muscle resistance forms of building strength - stair climbing devices, pulley-controlled machines - all designed to help isolate and exercise specific muscles and muscle groups, in a specific manner for specific results. Kegelmaster was developed with the same principles and also based on the early works of Dr. Kegel, a Los Angeles gynecologist in the mid-1940's, who proved under scientific conditions that 93% of all female incontinence could be cured by properly exercising certain "pelvic floor" muscles. His lifetime work included research that also proved that resistance in these "pelvic floor" muscle exercises was vital, and he went on to invent the "Kegel Perineometer" - the world's first biofeedback device.

In studies he repeated over time, he learned that women are at great risk if they were simply advised to exercise the pelvic floor muscles with "squeezes". Fewer than 5% of women exercising in that manner realized any benefit. And even more dramatic and compelling was the fact that 25% of women who attempt to do "kegels" make their incontinence worse, as this is the result of inadvertently exercising the wrong muscles.

Kegelmaster is quite simple to use, and most women find it relaxing to lie quietly and concentrate their efforts so specifically. The clicking noise is a great verification that you are giving your pelvic muscles a great workout. Kegelmaster is the ultimate in resistance training.

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